Signing In
How to Sign In

At the right of the navigation bar (the top right of the screen) there is a button that says "Login with Google". Click this button and you will be brought to a sign-in page, allowing you to sign in with your Google account. Signing in successfully will return you to the home page.

Creating a Schedule
How to Create a Schedule

Once you're in the "Create Schedule" page, be sure to fill in the required fields. These will initially include your name and the visibility of the schedule.

Once created, you'll be brought to view your schedule.

Sharing a Schedule
How to Share a Schedule

When viewing your schedule, the "Copy Share Link" button will copy the link for your schedule to your clipboard so you can paste in an email, Google classroom, or Remind message. You can give this link to anyone to let them reserve a timeslot in your schedule.

Editing a Schedule
How to Edit Your Schedule

Next to the title of your schedule is a small pencil icon. Clicking on this icon will bring you to the editing window, which lets you change the name and visibility of your schedule, and add a description if you want to.

Adding Timeslots
Adding Singular Timeslots

   In order to add a single timeslot to your schedule, click on the green "Add Timeslots" button. A menu to add a timeslot will appear. To add a single timeslot, make sure the text at the top left of the menu says "Single Timeslot". If it says "Multiple Timeslots", click the button to the left of the text to switch the menu to "Single Timeslot" mode.

Here is an explaination for each of the fields:
Field Purpose
Date Start The day the meeting takes place.
Date End This field isnt used in Single Timeslot mode. You can ignore this.
Time Start/Time End The start time and end time of your meeting timeslot.
Opening How many people can reserve this timeslot.

Adding Multiple Timeslots

This feature is a bit complicated to explain, so lets go over the following scenario:

Lets say you want to meet with two people at a time for 25 minutes from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM from May 01 to May 04, and you want 5 minutes in between each of these meetings to prepare for the next meeting.

Such a schedule would look like this:
May 01 May 02 May 03 May 04
1:00-1:25 1:00-1:25 1:00-1:25 1:00-1:25
1:30-1:55 1:30-1:55 1:30-1:55 1:30-1:55
2:00-2:25 2:00-2:25 2:00-2:25 2:00-2:25
What this feature does is that it generates as many 25 minute timeslots as it can between the given time. The Timeslot Break field makes sure that there is 5 minutes in between each of these timeslots.

It generates these time slots for each day within the given Date Start and Date End range.
And the form to create this schedule would look like this: